Hi, I'm Kurt

Product manager, story teller, and dog's best friend.

I am a leader with experience managing both teams and products.

I have proven success bringing new products to market as well as running experiments and iterating on existing products to achieve strategic business outcomes by delivering real value to customers.

Right Product

As a product manager, it's my primary goal to build the right product – one that delivers the right value at the right time for the customer and the business. It all starts with a solid vision, and with the right people and the right mind, great outcomes can be easily achieved.

Right People

First, hire great people. Then take care of those people, trust them, and enable them to do their best work. With them, build a healthy culture driven by candid, meaningful communication: clear expectations, constant alignment, fearless feedback, and productive meetings.

Right Mind

It doesn't have to be crazy at work, but it often is when you're trying to achieve great outcomes. As a manager, I'm always striving to bring things back to order. As Andrew Grove says, "Let chaos reign. Then rein in chaos." Inevitably, your products reflect your team's state of mind. It's baked into them.